Paul J Ralph, FRSA
Access and Inclusion Specialist
Creating accessible websites

Having a website is a great way of telling people about your work, your  organisation and what you offer your customers. Have you checked to see how well your website is working for disabled people?

Often disabled people will use the internet and websites to do their shopping so if your site is disability friendly you could be attracting more business. If you're an attraction, destination or accommodation then your website could be the beginning of a person's visit.
Photo: Paul explores the sample drawers at the Lighthouse in Glasgow

Websites provide one of the quickest, timely, up to date and accessible ways of getting information for disabled people. It is a move away from the more traditional way of storing and presenting information.

People often think that it is expensive or complicated to make a website accessible and easy to to use for disabled people. Maybe, in the past that was the case but with newer technologies and a range of devices to use to view the internet has changed that. Often a few simple adjustments to your site can make a big difference for a visually impaired user, a dyslexic visitor, or a person with other impairments.

We can help you ensure your site works well for disabled people by checking it for you and testing how well it works and how easy it is to use. Think of it this way; if your site is easy to use this applies to everyone who visits. It’s also good for search engine visibility; sites that are accessible will often feature more highly in search engine rankings.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you with the accessibility of your website.