Paul J Ralph, FRSA
Access and Inclusion Specialist
Public Speaking

I am often asked about speaking to groups, at conferences and other gatherings. If the gathering is looking at accessibility or inclusion then I am open to invitations. My particular interests are around tourism, digital access, the public realm, museums and design for inclusion.
The nature and length of presentation varies but I typically speak for twenty minutes with a further ten minutes for open questions. For more involved sessions, I work with colleagues to deliver a ninety minute session. Bespoke sessions working in an interactive workshop style can be arranged.

I am a keen supporter of historic sites, the great outdoors, farming, horticulture and interesting places to stay.

Feel free to get in touch if you have ideas of what I might be able to help with.
Photo: Paul and Ian visiting Edinburgh Fringe

Disabled Access Day is another passion of mine and my words and speeches appear from time to time. As the Founder, I still actively promote the Day and the amazing things that can and do happen. You can find out more about Disabled Access Day on the dedicated website at – the next Disabled Access Day will be in March 2019. 

You may also hear and see me representing Euan’s Guide – – the amazing disabled access review website established by my good friends Euan and Kiki MacDonald. A great resource for promoting the accessibility of places, using a pan disability approach, and celebrating the wealth of great places to go, to visit and to enjoy.