Paul J Ralph, FRSA
Access and Inclusion Specialist
Access to the built environment

Do you have customers or visitors coming to your premises? Have you checked to see how accessible they are for disabled people? Often people have some facilities for disabled visitors but they don’t test them regularly to see if the measures in place actually work.

You would be surprised how many establishments have some features to assist their disabled clients but don’t know how effective they are.
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Photo: Paul and colleagues exploring Edinburgh Castle

Often there are small things that can be done to make a visit by a disabled person easier. It’s simple things like having a coat hook at wheelchair height, high contrast signs on toilets doors, or signage to indicate the lift. Many of the small modifications to your premises are not expensive and quick to implement; it’s simply that you don’t know what you can do.

We can help you see how well your premises work for disabled people; everything from testing the lift for wheelchair users, checking routes for visually impaired people, discussing your fire evacuation plan for disabled visitors, and more.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you promote the accessibility of your venue, premises or building.