Working with people and places to extend a warm welcome to disabled visitors.

Let me tell you about some of the work I am interested in. In one sentence I think it’s fair to say that I work with people and organisations to help them when considering how to include disabled people in their service offering. Helping businesses to understand the customer journeys made by their disabled visitors, guests and supporters.
Photo: Paul getting off the High Speed train at St. Pancras Station, London

I'm a story teller …

Wheeled Adventurer, explorer, story teller, and access and inclusion champion. Founder of @Access_Day and @EuansGuide fan! My work involves sharing and talking about what creates good access and that sense of inclusion that disabled people often talk about.

I may be looking at something, going on a walk through, or simply have a coffee and a chat. During this I will often talk passionately about the exciting experiences I and my friends have had when visiting somewhere. From time to time I will blog about the inclusive spaces and places I discover with my friends over on "
Blindly Wheeling".

Pulling out those small nuances that improve a customer experience and that make such a difference to access. Often access is not about spending large amounts of money on complex installations but more about understanding and attitude. A simple sign showing the way, a grab rail, or maybe a smile and warm welcome can do so much to enhance the visitor experience. It is those things that people remember, those things that make people feel welcome, those things we talk about with our friends.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more get in touch. I'm happy to meet you and explore how we can help you in your journey toward being accessible and inclusive for everyone. You can contact me by email at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



You can follow me on Twitter @Paul_Ralph_FRSA or 'connect' on LinkedIn
I tend to work in Edinburgh and across Scotland but with the occasional adventures beyond. I'm always open to suggestions and invitations!